We offer cleaning and repair services that will keep your indoor and outdoor track safe and restore its original color.

Track Cleaning

Running tracks become contaminated due to poor drainage, stains from surrounding trees, and run off from the bleachers. Sport Aide has developed the Flier Track Surface Cleanerâ„¢ to remove these safely and without damaging the track surface or painted lines.

Our machine provides high pressure water to remove stains and debris from the textured surface without needing chemicals. The onboard vacuum quickly and efficiently recovers up to 95% of wash water for filtering and disposal. The system provides a one pass success rate so most tracks can be cleaned in 3 to 5 days!

Why spend your money on a new structural spray or replacement when Sport Aide can extend the life of your track through cleaning and repairs. Please call to schedule a free onsite demonstration.

University of Notre Dame
Track Cleaning

Please CLICK HERE to download our printable track cleaning brochure.